My name is Elie Rahme

& I am an artist.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a pencil & a blank paper in hands. No matter how hard I tried to run from it, trying to find a practical job that would bring food to the table, I always found myself returning to the colored pencils & charcoal.

Tattoos have always been a passion of mine, & being a tattoo artist was never a question for me, which is what I became & succeeded.

My style in tattoo art is clearly distinguished by its ample attention to detail & fine lines. Whether it be realistic or abstract that I am applying, I always find a way to tap into my creativity & add my special touch to that body art.

Message from the Skin is a safe space that lets my client dig into his/her inner self & show those around him/her soul is made of.

I have already climbed haf the steps on my ladder & became the tattoo artist people around me talk about, but global recognition is still on my agenda. With that, I will have reached the top step of the ladder. Until then, I will keep my dream prospering by tattooing, drawing & painting.

I would have not made it that far without the two biggest inspirations in my life, my family & my friends. After all, they are what shaped me into what I am today.


Message From the Skin



I believe my work speaks for itself. Feel free to browse my most recent tattoos below.



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