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"Elie Rahme" is not your mere ordinary Artist, but a sculpting Architect of sorts, chiseling modern-day Runes and Glyphs in the skin. Since the Days of Old, from as far back as he can remember, he had in his possession a blank scroll and a cherished pencil... Any attempt to flee from his tools of passion and his skill, to a more lucrative and stable career path, proved futile, time & time again, as his coloring pencils & charcoal kept calling him back.

"Ink-ology", or the Art of tattooing in which "Elie" found his calling, was already a constant and tirelessly pursued passion. One that "Elie" marveled and excelled in, proving himself a ground-breaking and successful Artist. His style distinguishes itself by its ample attention to detail and fine lines. whether realistic or abstract he always tapped into his creative output by consistently adding his touch of magic to bring life to skin.

"Message from the Skin", is a place of sanctity that enables his clients to delve into their real selves and manifest to the world what their souls truly represent. According to "Elie", he has successfully completed half the path of his journey, to establish himself as a much talked-about and recognized artist... His true ambitions however, lie far beyond that, with global recognition for his works, being the ultimate true vision.. At that, he will have achieved his life-purpose and completed his journey. Until the advent of that day, his dream of prospering by means of tattooing, drawing and painting will endure.

Artist Quote: I would have never made it this far, without my two biggest inspirations in Life.. Those being, my beloved family and dear Friends, after all, they are what shaped me into what I am today.

We welcome you to where only those of Brave-Hearts & Hard-Skin may venture! To pass through our forbidden gates, please follow the rules of entry. Prior to scheduling a session, or discussing fees, we are grateful if you would proceed with the following:

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  • Prior to your scheduled session:

    1- Refrain from Sun-light, or visiting a Solarium (2-Months minimum)
    2- Apply Moisturizing creams to the chosen area 2-3 times a day, for 7 Days prior to your session. (Example: Bepanthen)
    3- Attempt hair removal of the specific area, 4-5 Days prior to schedule, and refrain on the last day, to not cause irritation.
    4- Do not use any Medicinal products, on the day of Your schedule.
    5- Sleep well, prior to Your scheduled Day, and have yourself a Hearty Breakfast, as your patience during the session is of the highest importance.
    6- Grant your session all the required time needed, by determining that you will be free all Day.

    By clicking the send button below, I agree to the recommendations stated above.

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